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Membership Terms & Conditions

1. Members are required to follow all Alpha Sports Center Policies and Procedures.

2. Membership form should be signed by the parent for any person under the age of 18.

3. All members require medical certificate before applying at Alpha Sports Center.

4. Members are committed to the package length. Cancellation prior to completion of the package period will result in payment of full price of all the equipment that was provided during membership signup. Equipment prices are as follows; Kickboxing QAR 1600, Karate QAR 500, Taekwondo QAR 500, Muay Thai QAR 1600, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu QAR 750, Boxing QAR 1000, Judo QAR 750. As well as QAR 500 cancellation fee. Membership cards have to be reported missing or stolen as soon as possible. Membership ID cards have to be replaced if damaged, and/or stolen, and/or missing. The cost to replace the Membership ID card is QAR 50.

5. Pictures taken at the time of membership sign-up are required for the identification of the member. Membership will be revoked if the identification photo is not taken.

6. Monthly fees are required to be paid in full every month starting from the sign-up date.

7. Fees can be paid in cash and/or card only.

8. Members are only allowed to enter the training hall in the allocated time for their class; changes to the schedule can be made at any time without prior notification.

9. Parents and/or any caretakers are not allowed in the training hall outside of the invitation days. Parents will be kindly asked to leave the training hall and/or training center.

10. Members, parents and/or any other person are not allowed to ask or give any of the coaches their mobile and/or telephone number. Any communication required can be done through the “Customer Feedback” form.

11. Personal belongings taken inside Alpha Sports Center are the sole responsibility of the person. Any lost item will be kept at the “Lost and Found” box located at the reception.  Alpha Sports Center will not be held liable for any missing items.

12. Martial arts training and fitness training can cause minor to major injuries during training, we ask all our members to always train safely and responsibly. Alpha Sports Center has several emergency procedures put in place in case of any emergency. Alpha Sports Center will not be liable for any injuries caused inside its premises.

13. It is the members’ responsibility to read and understand the policies and procedures of Alpha Sports Center. All Alpha Sports Center guidelines, policies and procedures have to be followed by every person inside Alpha Sports Center training facilities. Failure to do so can result in administrative and/or disciplinary actions, including but not limited to, suspension or cancellation of membership without any refunds, financial penalties.


14. By signing up with Alpha Sports Center, you agree to all the terms, conditions and policies of Alpha Sports Center.

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