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Health and Safety

At Alpha Sports Center we believe that the health, safety, and well-being of our members and staff are of utmost importance. The members are required to follow the health and safety instructions of the coaches and staff. Members are not allowed to enter the class if they have a fever or flu, please notify the coaches and staff if you have any medical conditions.

Fire Alarm

In the case of a fire alarm, please follow the emergency procedures. Follow the coaches and staff to the nearest fire exit. The coaches and staff will lead the members to the allocated assembly point. Fire extinguishers are available around the training hall, our staff and coaches are certified, first responders. Do not try to combat the fire and exit the premises immediately.




In the case of an injury, notify the coach and staff immediately. The coaches and staff are certified first-aid responders and have access to the first aid kit located at the reception. Please inform the coach or the staff if you have a fever or any type of flu, members are not allowed to train while sick. Please inform the coaches and staff if you feel dizzy or lightheaded. Staff will follow the injuries and emergency procedures to administer first aid and inform the emergency services and emergency contact as soon as possible. Alpha Sports Center is not liable for any injuries or sickness caused during classes or inside of the training hall.


Lost and Found


If you have lost an item in the training hall, please inform the coach and staff immediately. If any items are found, they will be placed in the lost and found box. Alpha Sports Center will not be held accountable for any missing items lost during classes or inside the training hall. Alpha Sports Center has a dedicated locker for the members to keep their items during training.

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