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Alpha Sports Center General Policy

Members of Alpha Sports Center are expected to adhere to the general policy and guidelines, failure to adhere to the policy guidelines may result in administrative and/or disciplinary actions, including but not limited to, suspension or cancellation of membership. Members are expected to adhere by the following guidelines.

Access to Alpha Sports Center

Members of Alpha Sports Center are given ID cards during the initial membership application, these cards are nontransferable. Members will face financial penalties for the reprinting of members’ ID cards. If any member is found using another member’s card or any visitor using another member’s card, the card will be immediately confiscated, if the member has given the card to another person to allow him to use it, this is a direct violation of this policy and the member will face administrative and/or disciplinary actions.


Training Attire


All Alpha Sports Center members are required to wear the uniforms and equipment purchased at Alpha Sports Center at the time of signing up for the membership. All other equipment made or manufactured by any company outside of Alpha Sports Center will not be allowed to enter or train at Alpha Sports Center. Failure to follow this is a direct violation of this policy. Members joining the personal/group fitness training program are allowed to wear sports clothes of their choice as long as they do not violate any other guideline or policy. The staff has the final say to resolve any issues that are not outlined in this policy; they also can deny access to any member who does not follow any of the guidelines or policies.


Food and beverages


Food is not allowed at the training hall inside of Alpha Sports Center. Members are allowed to bring in water bottles or containers inside of the training hall.


Guest and visitors


Guest and visitors including parents are not allowed inside of the training hall. Guests require a confirmation from the staff to be allowed in during free mock class for training program information. Parents are not allowed to enter the training hall during classes. Parents will be given selected days and invited to see their children during the class. If the parent fails to adhere to the guidelines and policies of Alpha Sports Center their child may face administrative and/or disciplinary actions. Uninvited guests or visitors will be asked to leave immediately.


Membership Revocations, Suspensions, and Disciplinary Actions


All members of Alpha Sports Center agree and consent to all the guidelines and policies mentioned during their membership sign-up. Failure to adhere to these guidelines and policies may result but not be limited to, membership revocation without any refunds, suspension of membership for a limited time, financial penalties for causing any damages.

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